The gift of love

‘Love’ : a four letter word that can change everything.

This is about the people I love and who love me. My pillars of strength. My towers of light. My turbines for often it is energy that I so desperately need. The ones I carried  (some for 9 months) and ones who carries me (although I may now be too heavy or they may only be small). This is about reminiscing and dreaming. Lessons in life, advice and leading by example. Also learning from the best and just how incredibly lucky I am to have ‘my people’ who lift me every day. I can never thank you enough.

I focus especially on my grandbabies because they are the ones who might only know me for a limited time. These are notes from my heart so they might know in years to come just how much I love them (more than I can say). They mean the world to me and how I wish we could be together for ever.

We learn from each other’s experiences, I hope that this leaves a lasting image of what I value and what I’d like to share with you. If there is only one thing of value you take with you from these pages, then this was worthwhile.

It is also about ‘what if’ and ‘why not’ and sadly, ‘I wish I did’, but here we go! Add another page.


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